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 (OPEN) Instinct by Law- My own story not someone elses. Free to join in with your own creativeness.

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(OPEN) Instinct by Law- My own story not someone elses. Free to join in with your own creativeness.  Empty
PostSubject: (OPEN) Instinct by Law- My own story not someone elses. Free to join in with your own creativeness.    (OPEN) Instinct by Law- My own story not someone elses. Free to join in with your own creativeness.  EmptySat Jul 14, 2012 1:44 am

Dark shadows covered most of the forest floor as the tall trees blocked the moonlight that strained to peeks its light on the figure racing through the darkness below. A glimpse here and there cast a grayish silver spark that shined through the branches overhead, no noise recognizable except the whispering of the creatures that scurrying out of the path of the enormous beast padding silently through their territory.

"'She's Coming..."' They quietly spoke to others as their voices spread to the next animal closet in hearing range.

"'Run before she gets us!"' Some quipped in alarm as the Smokey Beast drew closer to some trees and bushes hiding small inhabitants unable to climb to safety.

As more and more animals ran for their survival and others hid in their protective dens, the beast sprinted on, ignoring all around her as her sharpened eyesight stayed on the road she drove through the wooded area around her massive furred body. Her paws enhanced with long claws for tearing apart her enemies and prey, padded lighter and faster as she gained speed, turning her body into a barely visible blur to all who was gifted with nocturnal vision. Her body, though massive in size, was slim and covered in the ashen color that gleamed starlight in the moons radiance while otherwise turned to shadows in the darkness of the trees. With a powerful jaw to snap her prey's necks easily and with tear razor sharp to chew through the toughest of muscles and bone without a thought, the beast tore at branches in her way and snap at creatures brave enough to come into her sight. Her eyes though once a brilliant sea green were now an addicting honeyed yellow with shards of light green surrounding the slitted pupil that searched for the one it hunted and tracked with the sensitive snout at the end of her long muzzle. Her flowing tail twice as long as her sleek body trailed behind her like the wind blowing softly against her fur. Long ears lay flat against her head as the beast tried to rid the voices of others around her and focus on the sound of her wildly beating heart thumping within her chest.

"Where are you Kaleb? I don't have time for games..." a voice as soft as a feather and as sweet as peaches called into the night, reaching a pair of darker gray ears similar to her own a ways away.

"Oh but dearest sister I was merely just talking a run through the forest to easy my inner beast. Nothing more than that." A warmer huskier toned reply filled the air around her, making her turn sharply to the east where the voice was perceived the loudest.

In no less than a minute the enormous creature burst into a clearing filled with moonlight and tall knee high green grass that came up no taller than her ankles. On the other side of the clearing was a darker smokey silver wolf a head taller than she was. With eyes the same color as her own and a tail just as long, the two were identical. The female snarled at the larger male in front of her and bared her sharp fangs at him in anger. The male was sitting on his hind legs calmly, his head held up toward the full moon above them as he decided not to react to the childish actions displayed.

"Calm down Sam. I was going to come back." He barked at her in a firm even tone, showing his assertiveness to the other wolf.

The female snarled again more venomously as she took a step forward, her fur along her spine and tail held straight into the air behind her raised in rage.

"Don't call me that! My name is Samirah damn it and you know you weren't Kaleb! That's why you left the pack behind! even
Felken knew you were going to disappear and stayed to inform me!" She spat out with a snap of her teeth at the end for emphasis.

"So it was Felken that told on me? That's surprising since he is the quietest in the pack." the male commented casually as he flicked his tail unconsciously in an irritated motion.

"Don't change the subject! You are coming home now before Father wakes up and finds your foolish attempt at a run away note. I won't have you causing him anymore trouble than mother already did!" Samirah snapped out angrily taking another step forward.

Kaleb tore his gaze away from the view overhead and bore his yellow green eyes at his younger sister, wondering when she became so brave to come out alone without her pack. That was when he smelt it. How he didn't notice her shivering slightly, or her fear being dominated by her anger he didn't know but he didn't like it and after scenting the air a second time to confirm it, Kaleb lowered his head in shame.

"I was going to come back Samie. I promise. I changed my mind half way in the run to leave and decided instead to just run until Exil became exhausted enough to let me be." he whispered softly as he stood on all four legs and trotted slowly across the clearing toward her his head still lowered to the ground as his tail dragged against the forest floor.
Samirah recognized the defeat in her brother's body language and quieted her growling to a lighter purr-like sound. As kaleb came closer to her, she whimpered and went to rub her head against his shoulder in comfort. Kaleb's soft whine followed before he rubbed his head against her's. Samirah bared her teeth in a wolfish smile before licking one of his ears close to her muzzle affectionately. Kaleb nipped at her shoulder before they both sped off southwest, back in the direction of their home and den.

Before they had even ran a miles, two cream colored wolves, one male and the other female, came into view and began to run along side them. Soon the two were flanking behind them comfortably. Before Kaleb or Samirah had a chance to speak more wolves varying in different colors and sizes came out from the shadows in the forest and trailed behind the pair, howls and yips echoing into the night with greetings of joy. A total of nineteen wolves made up the pack that gathered and ran together in the night. As they raced toward the looming castle that came into view, the barking and talking came to a quieter hum of joy and familiar affection of pack. Tall fifty foot vine and ivy entwined covered walls of an entrance fence greeted them. Before they entered the parted gated doors, a lone wolf the color of reddish autumn leaves sat guarding the opening. His eyes weren't a golden in color like the rest of the wolves surrounding them but instead an icy blue with flecks of darker sapphire surrounding his pupil. He sat motionless as the wolves all came to a halt in front of him, none wanting to challenge the larger wolf since he was much stronger than the rest of them which showed in the muscles covered in masses of fur. Only Kaleb and Samirah moved forward toward the other wolf with easy.

"Thank you Felken." Samirah said warmly to the large wolf as she licked his chin and walked past him, her tail brushing against his shoulder in a gesture only the two knew as a way of comforting each other.

The male wolf remained motionless except his eyes trailed after the silvery wolf briefly scanning her for injuries before returning in front of him where Kaleb stood observing the interactions of the two. Felken gave a soft grunt before following Samirah into the gate and turning his back on the rest of the pack. This caused Kaleb to bark lightly, his huge frame shaking with his laughter. Quick to catch up with his friend and gamma, Kaleb trotted after Felken and his sister, barking at the rest of the pack to follow them and go back to their beds.

The pack members all entered the large castle through the large double oak doors and parted separate ways as some when up to the next levels on the stairs right as you entered and others went down different corridors that either went right or left when they first came in. Kaleb and Samirah went straight past the stairs though and into a room that much resembled a ball room. With high vaulted ceilings and beautiful hand carved designed posts arranged in a wide circular design, the room was breath taking. There were four different doors in the room. On the north side was the door they had just entered. To the east and west were two separate Libraries. To the south was the Dining room and Kitchen, where Samirah was headed. Kaleb followed behind her, his stomach telling him he was needing whatever his sister was going to make since the only reason she ever came this way was to make something to eat or snack on.

This is a story I am perfecting and writing myself with a friend. There are four directions in the story, North-East-South-West. North is ruled by Avian Changelings but the current Royalty is a Fox Changeling under the name of naAkele. The East is ruled by Canines and the Royalty are Wolves under the name of Gray. The South is ruled by Ursa's meaning bears and the likewise forms, and the Royalty are Bears under the name of Cullen. The West is ruled by Felines and the Royalty are Jaguars under the name of Miyabe. We allowed everyone who wanted to rp with this story two characters of whatever animal they liked. They may be cross breeds but they have to be approved with myself first so their won't be an "invincibles". All changelings must be real and not completely fictitious. They have to be realistic in most of their forms but they can have abstract colors. Also there are certain few in the story that have special abilities but they come rare and are collected to be part of the Royal guard. An example of an ability is strength. Can be physically stronger by how ever much is preferred and for a limited/unlimited time they like. Another might be something more mentally enhancing like protection. Once regarded in the gifted's mind to be protected, the gifted one will know exactly when you are being hurt and will come no matter what to protect. With that also comes a slight physical enhancement of strength, though limited to protection only, and an increase of speed. Other abilities might be curses too though like truth. Unable to tell a lie even if it might hurt someone else. Another might be Repel. Unable to touch another without being physically hurt, the more physical the touch, the more pain. Earlier I mentioned forms meaning their beast half. For those who don't know what changelings are they are human like creatures who can shift into animals and also a hybrid form which gives them the body of a human but with the enhanced attributes that are their animal forms. Examples would be elongated fingernails-claws, sharper teeth-fangs, a tail and/or ears, and so on. We call the hybrid forms halflings since they are in fact half of each. When you have more than one animal though we call they hybrids. Example would be a falcon and an eagle= eacon. A bear and a wolf= vicem. There are more words for more hybrids we have named but that will come later if necessary. You may also choose to be a human and not a changeling. You may have an ability as one too but be more wise if it is a human and not a changeling. Humans have more restrictions physically and mentally compared to a changeling. A big thing that is different though is that our beast forms can be a different persons soul inside you. It is uncommon but their are rare cases once again. Kaleb- my male counterpart- has an ancestor named Exil-also his last name- inside himself that is his beast instead of just himself which changes his eye colors and hair quite often. Samirah also has one named Aislin which is Exil's twin sister. Samirah and Kaleb are not twins though they do look like it. Samie is two years younger than he is. Speaking about age, it does not matter. We age like humans our first ten years of life but after that the process is slow and may vary depending on your animal/beast. I am sorry if this is hard and possibly not what anyone in this rping forum is looking for and/or is unacceptable since only my self is a member and therefore the only one who knows the story here, but I would love to have more people know about this and join in with enthusiasm. It would be great practice too writing wise. Thank you.

Last edited by Samirah_Gray on Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:29 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Explained the story.)
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(OPEN) Instinct by Law- My own story not someone elses. Free to join in with your own creativeness.
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