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 TrollDia is here.

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TrollDia is here.  Empty
PostSubject: TrollDia is here.    TrollDia is here.  EmptyTue Jul 10, 2012 8:00 am

Hi-llo! <-- See what I did there?

My name is Diana, but I'd rather you call me Dia. most people call me that.
I thought I'd join the site for I've decided to stalk some of my friends because I am hot like that. B3 You know who you are... kukuku.
I'm friendly, laid-back and obsessed with Rafael Nadal. HNGH THAT HUNK.

I like anime and manga~! I don't watch a lot because I'm a lazy mofo.

I like playing Sims because playing with life ROCKS! I just love killing my people and making them have babies. ;3

I'm a huge pervert. Yep, I said it! So, if you want to befriend me, watch out for my dirty humour! It's not my fault... it's just that my mind had been tainted by my friends. =3=

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TrollDia is here.
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