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 San Japan (Aug. 10-12)

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San Japan (Aug. 10-12) Empty
PostSubject: San Japan (Aug. 10-12)   San Japan (Aug. 10-12) EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 2:36 am

A-kon has ended and it is now time to plan my cosplays for my next con.. San Japan Mach 5. It is in San Antonio, Tx and is going to be at the Hemry B. Gonzales Convention Center.

I am going to be Kanra ( genderbent Izaya Orihara ) because I really enjoyed being her at A-kon. I will also be Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitzuji and I am hoping to be a Hunter from the horror video game Left 4 Dead.

So is any one going?
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San Japan (Aug. 10-12)
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