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 A Little Bit of My World.

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A Little Bit of My World. Empty
PostSubject: A Little Bit of My World.   A Little Bit of My World. EmptyWed May 02, 2012 1:58 am

Bonjour. I'm Lexi. Nice to meet you. I'm more likely known as Felicia Vargas from Hetalia International.
Well I'm going to make this a bit different from my H.I. Intro.

I am a highschooler. I suck at school.
I'm a big Otaku, and I know it.
I can speak, well more like type, semi-fluent French.
I'm an Aquarius. THAT'S RIGHT DAWG, I'M MADE OF WATER. Lolwhat?
I'M BLUE DA BO DE DAH DO DAH. *derp dance*
I'm married to Byakuro, your co-admin.
I speak to myself a lot. I've concluded that i'm crazy, so run while you can little kids. -Insane face-
I loaf History. It's what keep me up in the morning. xD
Lord of the Rings is better then Star Wars. HANDS DOWN. Object? EAT PORCUPINE.
Erm I own a LOT of anime and books. I'd die under a pile of books if a pile should happen to tumble over. ;____;
I have magical frogs hanging on my walls, happen to stroke it. ALL YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE~
And I also enjoy explosions like my Wife Byakuro.
Okai, Nuff Said.

Questions? Concerns? Then please file it in the Complaint Bin. *points to trash can*

P.s. I joined because I'm awesome like that. =3=

A Little Bit of My World. 4872902
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A Little Bit of My World.
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