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 Idol Days[Author: Yuhime]

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Yuhime Hana
Yuhime Hana

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PostSubject: Idol Days[Author: Yuhime]   Idol Days[Author: Yuhime] EmptyTue May 01, 2012 3:00 pm

Since I suck at story titles, this will probably receive one upon the story's completion. In the meantime, enjoy~!

Chapter One- Encounter with the Demon

Tsukuyomi Studios. A place where dreams come true and only the best of the best are lucky enough to start their debut here and their rise to stardom. I, Mana Kobayashi have worked hard until this very day to make my big debut!

I took a deep breath and moved a few strands of my dark brown hair out of my face. You can do this Mana... you've been waiting and working. It's all about to pay off! You can do it! I reassured myself this and walked inside the office building. The receptionist was busy typing away and I walked up to the desk.

"Hello. I'm Mana Kobayashi. I'm here for the audition," I said. "Down the hall. Follow the signs.""Thank you very much" I said, bowing my head. I followed the signs to the audition room and then I saw a black limo drive up to the door.
"Oh my gosh! It's Ai Tsukuyomi!" someone shouted and I could barely hear myself think at all the noise.

The limo opened and I saw the most beautiful girl ever. She had a lithe figure, short black hair, bluish-gray eyes and creamy skin. She was wearing a light gray, long sleeved dress with a jean jacket and white sandals. It was Ai Tsukuyomi, a rising star with her acting skills and musical talent. I was a huge fan of her work.

Ai Tsukuomi made her way to the front desk with her bodyguard. "Tsukuyomi-san, nice to see you again" the receptionist beamed. Ai simply nodded her head and I couldn't miss my chance to meet THE Ai Tsukuyomi.

"Pardon me- Tsukuyomi-san!" I called out. She turned her head and I nearly blushed at her cuteness.
"Yes?" she asked with an innocent smile. So cute! Why is she so adorable!?

"I am a huge fan of your work! You actually inspired me to follow my dreams to become a superstar! Can I have your autograph!?" I awaited her response. Ai smiled sweetly at me and bowed her head.
"I am honored that I inspired you to follow your dreams but maybe we will have the honor to meet again soon. Please excuse me~"

Be still my heart! Ai turned to face me and with a smile she said,"Good luck, Kobayashi-san." Ai then leaned in close and peeked me on the cheek. I felt my face heat up in embarrassment and then Ai left with an innocent smile on her face.

Why am I blushing? I'm straight, dammit! I DO NOT like girls! So then... why am I blushing and why is my heart pounding?

After that, I hurried down the hall for my audition.


"Kobayashi Mana-san." "That's me!" I said as I went on stage. I shook off my nervousness and cleared my throat."Kobayashi-san, read for us that you're the older sister who is trying to convince your younger sister that it isn't their fault that your mother passed on after giving birth to her."

I nodded my head and began to recite my line. "Imouto-chan, even with mother gone, her spirit is still with us along with the memory but you should know... that I will never forgive you."

Shocked faces filled the audience at my sentence. I continued and added venom to my words. "Mother would still be alive. The reason she is dead is your fault! How could I forgive you so easily for taking Mother away!? I cannot and will not forgive you, imouto-chan! I HATE YOU."

"CUT!!! Kobayashi-san, those aren't in the script. Why did you add them?" "The lines of a forgiving older sister doesn't seem realistic! I mean, what older sibling could forgive their younger sibling for killing their mother!?"

The director sighed and said,
"Stick to the script." "What I'm saying is, this little scene will have the audience be more sympathetic to the younger sister. This also puts a strain on the relationship which adds drama.

"Kobayashi-san, that's enough. Next please."

Oh, I failed! I so totally failed! Goodbye dreams of becoming an actress! I hung my head in despair. There was no way I was going to get that part. I should just go back to my small town... no! Mana, you worked too hard to give up now! You even hoped that this studio would get you to the performing arts school that you wanted to attend to! Why did I even come to Tokyo, anyway!?

"Kobayashi-san?" I turned my head to see Ai. "Tsukuyomi-sama! I was just...erm..." "You were just what?"

I could feel my cheeks heating up. Why are you so cute!? My heart is pounding again!

"Don't worry Kobayashi-san, even if you don't get the part, there is still next time, hai?" I smiled brightly and wiped my tears away. "H-Hai! Ai Tsukuyomi-sama!" Ai smiled back and walked away.

"Kobayashi Mana!" "Y-Yes?" "Since the studio has a lounge, you may want to stay there until tomorrow." "Tomorrow!? Why tomorrow!?"I asked. "It takes a while for us to decide. Have a good night"the receptionist said. "B-But I-"

The door slammed shut and I was left alone. Tears of shock fell out of my eyes. "Eto... I don't like to be left alone..." I sniffled. I walked to the lounge. I sure hope nothing jumps out and gives me a heart attack... I thought and then I heard a scream. I froze in terror and peeked behind the corner. A bright light emitted from the hall.

GYAH!!! YŪ GET THIS FUCKING THING OFF ME!!!!" "Hai hai. I am working on it." WELL HURRY UP THEN! ARE YOU TRYING TO SNAP A RIB OR SOMETHING!?" "A broken rib or two won't kill you."

I peeked in and I saw the scene. My eyes widened when I saw Ai. Wait, Ai!? Why does she have to wear a corset? Her bluish-gray eyes met mine and suddenly all the pieces came together; Ai Tsukuyomi, the very celebrity that the world knew and the person who inspired me to follow my dreams... was a guy.

"What the-!? I stared and nearly couldn't breathe. I felt myself lean backward and I fainted.

"Kobayashi-san? Please Kobayashi-san, wake for me. Please? For Ai?" a sweet, innocent voice  brought me back to consciousness. When I opened my eyes, I saw Ai. Those bluish-gray eyes staring down at me.

"Ai? I asked. Was it all a dream? Did I just imagine that Tsukuyomi Ai was a man?

"Yū, could you bring us some tea?" Ai asked, which her bodyguard obeyed and got the tea. When Yū returned, Ai poured me a cup of tea. "Did you hurt your head, Kobayashi-san?" she asked, innocently. "You fell and hit your head. Do you need to go to the hospital?"

I rubbed the back of my head and tried to remember why I fainted. Ai was sitting at my bedside as she sipped her tea. Man... or woman? I need to know for sure... I thought. I closed my eyes and reached for Ai's crotch.

... Bulge. Oh my- she is a man!


My eyes widened and then I saw that Ai's expression changed. The atmosphere suddenly grew colder and Ai's eyes were dark. "Yū... lock the door." Oh shit... I am screwed...


Ai gave a smirk as she put down her teacup.
"Yū... get me my whip." This voice... was different. It's much deeper and manly... I thought. Ai crossed his arms and glared at me. "It seems now that you know my little secret... I can't let the press know. It will ruin my sister's reputation. So..." the whip snapped. "Whip or riding crop?"

"So... so you ARE a male!" I exclaimed. "Let's make this clear... I AM biologically male. I DO NOT enjoy cross dressing. In fact, this insults my manhood!" Ai said, angrily. Yū coughed and replied snidely, "Pervert." Ai gave her an evil look. "Do you want to die, Yū!?" Yū stood there unfazed by the threat. Ai turned back to me. "Now then... what should I do about you?"

"Let me live?" I suggested. Ai blinked and then laughed... maniacally. "Why should I do that!? No. You are now under my watch 24/7 bitch!" What have I done!? I am now at the mercy of Satan... I thought as I felt myself getting light-headed. "So what does that mean? "It means... starting today, I will keep you under my constant supervision. When I leave the studio, you will follow along. I took the liberty of looking through your file. I see that you want to go to performing arts school for college to be an actress, yes? Pfft. You're nothing but an amateur! You think some big shot director will put you in a movie without any training!? Dumbass."

Ai tsked and crossed his arms. "So until then, you are my apprentice. We will eat, live and sleep together. If you breathe a word of this to ANYONE I will rape you. Hard."

Rape me!? Hard!? I really am at Satan's mercy... and this would only be the beginning.

Idol Days[Author: Yuhime] Ivanasig
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Idol Days[Author: Yuhime]
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